Take-n Bake Brioche Star Bread

Take-n Bake Brioche Star Bread

We're offering two versions of our very popular star bread this year! 


The savory version is a fun and unique way to present the fluffiest brioche dinner rolls to accompany your Thanksgiving meal. Each of the four layers is brushed with vegan butter and bakes into the same stunning  brioche star topped with sesame seeds. Each guests can pull their own piece as the warm freshly baked bread is passed around the dinner table. 


(UPDATE: SOLD OUT) The sweet version is our OG cardamom orange blossom bun made with light and fluffy brioche swirled with brown sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, and orange zest, then topped with an orange blossom water glaze. This was such a hit the last two years, we decided to bring it back for the third year! Great for dessert or breakfast! 

Both the savory and sweet version will come "take-n-bake" style to be enjoyed fresh on the morning or evening of your choosing. (comes with simple instructions). The star bread is a 10 inch round and has 9 servings per order. Both versions contain gluten, coconut, and cashew. However, the savory version can come coconut/cashew free upon request. Let us know! Store the star in fridge for up to three days prior to baking.