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Orange & Blossom is a modern farm-focused, patisserie in Portland, Oregon. Our desserts and pastries are rooted in the seasons, made with organic produce and ingredients from local farmers and craftsmen.


Driven by our commitment to nourishing our bodies, community, and planet, we use only whole, plant-based foods, sourced directly from local makers and farmers whenever possible. Our ever-changing menu is inspired by our travels, local farms, years of working in restaurants, and our West Coast roots.



OUR FOUNDER Marisa Kroes 

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic by the age of ten, it was evident from an early age that I was destined for a career in food. I graduated from the California Culinary Academy’s Baking and Pastry Arts program in San Francisco, CA in 2006 and went on to spend the greater part of the next fifteen years making, eating, talking, and thinking about food.


While I love all food, baking is my passion, and dessert is my favorite course. My career has primarily focused on high-end restaurants, where I spent years running high-volume dessert programs, developing seasonal menus, honing my craft, and deepening my passion for ethical food systems. Prior to moving to Portland, I was the pastry chef at the largest in-house dining concept at Facebook HQ and before that, I was the Executive Pastry Chef at the James Beard Award-winning restaurant, Slanted Door in San Francisco. Throughout my career, I prioritized working for restaurants and chefs that shared my vision for sustainability. As a result, I was able to grow my own herbs, harvest my own honey, and shop at farmers’ markets for ingredients and inspiration. Along the way, I developed meaningful relationships with farmers, and food artisans. These experiences, created a deep interest in ingredient-driven baking and supporting our local food economy as both a chef and a consumer. 

I founded Orange & Blossom to share unique and seasonally inspired desserts made from wholesome, ethical ingredients we can all feel good about. As a longtime vegetarian working in fancy kitchens, I became disillusioned with the heavy reliance traditional pastry and fine-dining as a whole, placed on animal ingredients.Why must good dessert be centered on eggs, butter, and cream?  I knew there must be another way. My quest to live a more compassionate and sustainable life, lead me to create this bakery. Our vegan values as a company are rooted in compassion for all living things. I hope our dessert and pastries change the way you feel about vegan baking and eating.   



FARM-DIRECT PRODUCE    we take our sourcing very seriously and prioritize local, organic, farm-direct, and low impact ingredients in all of our baking. This means all of the produce we use, we purchase direct from local organic farms. As a result, many items on our menu are hyper-seasonal and may only be available for a short time. 


LOCAL ORGANIC   100% of the grains we use are organic and milled right here in the PNW. We source the majority of our flours direct from Camas Country Mill. 

We use organic and fair trade ingredients including our chocolate, cocoa powder, olive oil, sunflower oil, vegan butter, nuts, seeds, and spices. Most of which we purchase in reusable bulk containers from Earthly Gourmet to limit our waste. 

 Some of the farms and local, small, and/or organic makers we support:

Baird Family Orchards

Bethel Springs Farm

Camas Country Mill

Chio Pistachio Butter

Diaspora Co

Earthly Gourmet 

Empowered Flowers Farm

Farmageddon Growers Collective 

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts

Gathering Together Farm

Groundwork Organics Farm

Jacobsen Salt Co.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Mindful Mushrooms

Miyokos Creamery 

Mizuba Tea Co

Savory Spice Shop 

True Tea 

Upper Left Roasters Coffee

Winters Farm   

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